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"Everest 2070" My very ambitious atempt to become the oldest person on Everest


I have to be honest to myself. At the age of 23 I hav`nt been higher than 2200 meter, not even on my countrys highest  mountain have I been. 

So that I suddenly should be "Mr. Climber himself" is not very likely...

Well, I have made up a long time strategy: Climbing one of the seven summits each decade  :lol)

Due to my extremly slow tempo (I have been planning a climb to Kilimanjaro for the last five years) to set my foot on any of the seven summits, I have come up with this realistic plan:

Kilimanjaro before I reach the age of 30, Aconcagua<40, Elbrus<50, Denali<60, Vinson<70, Carstenz<80 and Everest before I turn 90 ;D

If I follow this strategy I hope to become the oldest person climbing Everest. If it should turn out that anyone at that point of time have been there older than the age of 90, I will go for Mt. Kosiuszko (how do you write it??) instead, and wait until my 99th birthday to climb Everest. O0

I like good planning. Great plan!
Although at your current rate of ascent (100m per year of your life) you might want to wait a few years more before tackling Aconcagua etc. But the end result will be similar

10th of July 2012 I reached Uhuru Peak. Since I`m now over 30, that means that I`m behind schedule, but since I wish to become the oldest 7 summiter it is only good that I`m slow.  ;D
I climbed the Rongai route, 7 days with a “twist”, climbing high and sleeping low, no problems with the altitude.

Now its time to sit back and relax, I don`t have to climb another mountain for at least 10 years ::)


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