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Well, there is some unfinished business up there, so I will be heading back as one of the guides in our own expedition. We have a shared expedition with Alex Abramov and will have a great time!

There will be several 7summits clients climbing: Nate Schneider, Lorenzo Gariano, Noel Hanna and Lynne Stark. Nickolai Cherni, the famous Russian climber and coach of the Russian national climbing team will be the other guide.

As always we will try to email and call in our stories, follow them here on on the forum, section Everest 2005 trip updates.
If you want to link to this 2005 trip forum, please use this link:

Your comments are welcome! We get most of them on the mountain by email and text messages and though will will likely not be able to react to them immediately we appreciate your thoughts and encouragements!

We will all be meeting up in wonderful Kathmandu between April 1 and 5 and leave for Tibet the 7th, taking about a week to reach Basecamp at 5200m.

There is still room for sponsors who would like to see their name mentioned in trip reports, on pictures etc. These reports are read by many highly targeted readers on this and many other sites around the world, so use the exposure for your benefit. Just contact us at info @ for opportunities.  8)

Best of luck! Hope things work out a bit better this time for you!  O0


Hi Guys and girls.  I'm also from Northern Ireland and was interested to see that you have a Norn Irish lassie attempting Everest - Lynne Starke.  So this is for Lynne.  Best of luck girl and I'll be watching your progress all the way.  If you get some time I'd appreciate some postings/emails from you Lynne, to let me know how you are getting on.  Don't know what you look like or where in NI you are from, but I hope you will succeed and I'll be saying a little prayer or two each night to keep you safe.  Take care and don't push it too hard - better to come back alive than not at all!!  Making the attempt is worthy of praise and you certainly have my admiration - wish I could do it!!
Best wishes,

Good luck Harry!
This time you'll make it!

Hello Harry, and All!!!!

Will be following your trip!!!!!!! SOOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!!


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