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Author Topic: April 8: Maoist strike delays Everest expedition. Plan B/C in effect...  (Read 4819 times)


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Hi all,

here is Harry reporting from Kathmandu. We should have left yesterday morning, got up at 05.00, had our breakfast and then found out that our plan B did not work.

Plan A was to get in a bus, drive to the border in 4 hours and get into Tibet. But the Maoist rebels have called for a general strike a few days ago and the duration is not clear. Some say 5 days, some 10, some 15.
But the result of the strike is that there is no traffic allowed outside of the Kathmandu valley, including Tourist vehicles. Though the Rebels do not harm tourists (they say), they do ask them for 'donations' at gun/grantepoint. But any local bus of cargotruck driver will be threatened to death if they work for us during the strike, so naturally they rather stay alive than make some much needed bucks.

So plan B was to get an army escort yesterday, together with some other groups we would have one large convoy, guarded by armed army vehicles. But still this would not release the local drivers from their fear, so plan B was out the door.
So now we are still enjoying the wonderful city of Kathmandu! Which would not be too bad in itself as there are much things to see and many people to meet, but we need to start going and acclimatize.
Therefore plan C is now being worked on. Hoping to share more tomorrow, but it involves bypassing the roads, a huge Russian helicopter and having to do with the largest part of our luggage for at least a few days...  8)

Meanwhile I have bought and upgraded a local mountainbike, am working on an Indian visa and we (my client/cycling partner Noel Hanna & I)  are trying to find some kind of escort for when we will be cycling down from Basecamp to sealevel after the climb!

So much interesting things happening and more to come. Our spirits are up, everybody is positive and we have a great team, enjoying life in general and this expedition in particular  ;D

All the best from sunny KTM,


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Good thing there is always a plan C! I do wonder where that heli suddenly came from though. Did I understand correctly that it's a huge one, but not big enough to carry the luggage? Hope it all works out well, 'cause I guess plan D will be to bike up to basecamp.

Please make sure that bike is a good one. Bring spares, tools and tires. We both know how  even tie-wraps and ducttape can become crucial when your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere, hours walk from nearest civilization.

Happy to hear the spirits are up, condition #1 fulfilled!


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Yes like Romke, I would be interested to know how you were intending to acquire a Russian heli and why it couldn't take all the luggage (even on a separate trip) - they are brutes of things!!!?????? ;D
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