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New 7summits site, now live!


Hi all you armchair mountaineers!
well, it took a while and we are not finished yet, but we pulled the switch...

This is the new 7summits site, hope you like it, feedback would be appreciated  ;)

There will be some loose ends to tie and not all links might work yet, so please report any errors!

New on the site are:
- the complete 7summits statistics!
- detail pages for all 7summits summiteers
- new pictures and ecards section, upload your own pictures and send them as ecards!
- new postershop
- new information about the summits
- new Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and Aconcagua sections
- new quotes page
- new forum layout

and more I think  ;)

Hope you like it, we won't stop here but will take a small break now  :P

Thanks in advance for any comments,

best regards,


Wonderful site, thank you. Do keep up the great work.

How do you go about getting sponsorship for your climbs? Climbing is my passion these past few years, however it is a very expensive hobby. Would love to do it for to benefit others while still doing what i truly enjoy. Please advise.

Harry, just finished reading your trip report for Aconcagua - i am headed there early January 2003 and am more excited than ever after reading your account of the experience.

Best regards,
Liz   :)


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