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Author Topic: 7th May: Resting, brains and publicity  (Read 3676 times)


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7th May: Resting, brains and publicity
« on: May 8 2005, 19:38 »

Today we are supposed to rest, but it will be a busy day after all..
First thing in the morning was the departure of Sergey and young Dima. But as there are spaces available, Nathan, James, and Volodia decided to join in and spend their rest days in Zhangmu as well, not knowing when and how they will return...
Fortunately Nima, our kitchen help who looks remarkably like Frank from 'some mother's do 'ave em', was willing to do our laundry.

Today was another day of guests; in the morning we were surprised by a visit of 2 wonderful mountain ladies: Graine, the reporter from the Irish Times who came by with Peggy Foster from Canada.
Graine writes about the climb and different teams while aiming for the summit herself and was of course very interested in the Northern Ireland angle of Noel & Lynne's story.
Peggy (who appears to have gained quite a lot male fans during this one visit already) is climbing her 7th of the 7 summits and competing to be the first Canadian woman to do so. We actually had been in email contact about that during the years, so it was nice to meet.

Both of them were absolutely amazed when they heard the price we asked our clients, and the level of service we offer for that, compared to the costs of their Himex trip. When Andrey came out with fresh fruit juice and fresh fruit, they almost fell of their chairs  :).  They were supposed to go for a hike, but ended up chatting to us for their allocated time and had to return to their quarters.
We had our 'Hash' lunch, loads of sheep-head bits with the brain served separate, while being visited by a Serbian team leader, whose character did not really match mine...

Next visitors were from the Jagged Globe camp. Not only the doctor came to check on Noel (no news there), but also Alex Harris from South Africa. Also photographer Ian, who will be following Ran Fiennes on his climb and London Times reporter Stephanie came by to check our outfit out.

Apparently somebody has been spreading a rumor that our clients are getting nothing but pig fat daily for our low price! I gave her the full tour around the camp including the kitchen, wooden toilet house, sauna (including a shaving Lorenzo, who just arrived back), and games, drinks and communication rooms.
It's getting old, but they all were also totally amazed about our outfit and team, so with any luck (if the press freedom ascends the outfitters interest  ;)  we will have received some good advertisements today!

Alex serving another salted fish while Nickolay drinks a beer

Robert is back as well, so all members are off the mountain. As the next week will be very bad weather, tomorrow about half of us, including the remaining Fat Bastards, will be going down to Taschi Dzong, a small town 50km down the valley. At the altitude of 4100m we will get some 'thick' air and relax for a few days before heading back up..


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Mary Clare

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Re: 7th May: Resting, brains and publicity
« Reply #1 on: May 9 2005, 02:23 »


Just a comment on what you offer for your "low price".  It is unbelievable!  Truly unbelievable!  I hope the "press" will get the word out.  I am sure the team members will also be instrumental in letting climbers know the amazing "package" you offer.  If I thought I could get into shape enough to climb Everest, I would join one of your expeditions in a heart beat!

Again, enjoy your upcoming days where the air is "thick"!

All the best,


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Re: 7th May: Resting, brains and publicity
« Reply #2 on: May 9 2005, 05:21 »

Yes Harry

Truly amazing experience for the money.  I thought it would never be affordable, given the exorbitant charges of other (American and New Zealand based) operators and I'd need a second mortgage.  But given the luxuries of base camp and the proverbial feasts and banquets you are having, the cost is truly amazing.  I hope you manage to keep it at that level.

I just wish I was there.  I also wish that I had some experience of climbing/trekking at altitude so I could qualify.  Maybe some day I'll make the trip - it would be fantastic for me to do this - trip of a lifetime!!

Best wishes to everyone and enjoy the 'thick' air at the lower altitudes!!

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