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Author Topic: 11th May: introducing the FBC (a little late)  (Read 13083 times)


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11th May: introducing the FBC (a little late)
« on: May 14 2005, 01:44 »

As requested, here are some of the faces of the 7summits.com Fat Bastards Club.

I will try to have them tell something sensible about themselves:

- Name: Nathan 'Nate' Schneider
- Nickname, why: Nort, b/c Sattler
- Age: 26 (baby of the expedition)
- Country/city: US, Ohio, Perrysburg
- Why Everest? For the experence, adventure and the tales!
- What do you think of the trip so far? How do you say... Where is the O2? In Russian?
- Favourite quote/ life wisdom: Life is a mystery, make sure you enjoy the journey.
- Other Stuff?  After my B.S. in chemistry from EMU I took off to South America, now I am in Tibet climbing!  Next is more schooling.  Finally, Hello to my family in Perrysburg, Andy, Carol, Chris, and Austin...Love, N     

- Name James DeWitt Wilde V
- Nickname, why: Dickey (Russian for Wild), Jamie
- Age: 34
- Country/city: Munich, Germany (am American though and proud of it!)
- Why Everest? To see how high I can go...The time was right and the price/ benefit was great.
- What do you think of the trip so far? We have a great team...wish the weather would stop trying my patience (or lack). The food is great. Harry and Alex have a good program...very comfortable.
- Favourite quote/ life wisdom: We are only limited by the boundaries of our visions/dreams. Plan your dreams and see what you can achieve.
- Any last comments? I hope I have no last comments. Thanks to my company and colleagues, British Telecom (especially my manager and friend Karsten!!), for enabling me to take part in this endeavour. Thanks to my family and friends for supporting me and giving such a great send off. I miss you all. Last, please have the mohitos lined up at Tacos Y Tequila! 

- Name: John Thomas Christiana
- Nickname, why: Johnny, my good friends call me this without me telling them. how do they know?
- Age: 43, very young in the scheme of things
- Country/city: United States, San Francisco, miss you SIVV
- Why Everest? Because it's there.  Okay, that one has been used, of course. But you cannot let anything intimidate you.  You can do anything you want.  Just think, plan, and then do it. Just do it.  I am doing the 7summits too, and this is my 5th continent summitted, hopefully.
- What do you think of the trip so far?  It has been a blast..made good friends...whole team is great...great food...the planning has been solid
- Favourite quote/ life wisdom: Live your passion.    Let everyday be the best day of your life.
- Any last comments? This is so exciting that in a few days, I will embark on the hardest climb of my life...and what is so cool is that I am in control of my climb, weather permitting.   I will summit, or if i don't, I know I gave it my every possible physical and mental effort.

 - Name:Lynne Stark
- Nickname, why:The Big Girl
- Age: 43
- Country/city: Northern Ireland, Dromara CoDown 
- Why Everest? It seemed to be the next logical step!!!!!!
- What do you think of the trip so far? The trip so far has been very well
Organised good atmosphere is fun too

- Favourite quote/ life wisdom: life is not a dress rehearsal you only get one chance seize the moment
- Any last comments? Thank you to my Sisters Shirley and Ann and my parents for supporting me on this one
And all our friends too, love from base camp lynne and noel.

- Name: Noel Hanna
- Nickname, why: The Fly
- Age: 38
- Country/city: Northern Ireland, Dromara Co Down NI
- Why Everest? Part of larger challenge
- What do you think of the trip so far? excellent well organised great value
- Favourite quote/ life wisdom: Go for it live life to the full take risks
- Any last comments? Good luck to my fellow fat bastards in all they do ........

- Name: Lorenzo Gariano
- Nickname, why: Don Gariano, Italian respect
- Age: 47
- Country/city: Italy, Imperia
- Why Everest? The ultimate adventure. I always wanted to do it from Tibet, to me it has always been a mysterious land.
- What do you think of the trip so far? A great surreal dream. It's like I am living in a dream every day, because of the land and the people. The mountain itself is stunning from this side, but the the surroundings make it special.
- Favourite quote/ life wisdom: For Chomolongma and it's 5 universal sisters of the earth, to protect us all, which means there will be no mishaps.
- Any last comments? Make sure you have good health to travel and see places.

- Name: Harry Kikstra
- Nickname, why: Hari Krishna :-)
- Age: 34ish
- Country/city: Netherlands, Amsterdam
- Why Everest? The beauty, the fact it is the highest, because last year was no real shot at the summit. My 6th f the 7summits hopefully.
- What do you think of the trip so far?
Great. One huge adventure with great people. From Russian fish to catching sheep to most beautiful scenery and people and excellent food and interesting fellow climbers.
- Favourite quote/ life wisdom.
Make sure you have lived before you die. Respect others as you want them to respect you.
"He who climbs on the highest mountains, laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary" -  Friedrich Nietschze
- Any last comments?
I wish all the Fat Bastards a safe climb, hope all will look back at it as a successful climb and that they enjoyed the services we provided.

dale abenojar

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Re: book me on your 2006 Everest ascent
« Reply #1 on: May 14 2005, 22:12 »

Hi Harry,

Greetings from the Philippines. I am a licensed mountain guide in my country since 1989. I am very fit and a strong climber as well.

I wish to be the "1st Filipino atop Everest with the 7Summits team." I will share success with 85million Filipinos through my tri-media sponsors day-by-day.

I am inspired by the interesting views and comments made by your Everest team. You and 7Summits look truly organized.

Kindly book me in your 2006 Everest ascent.

Thank you.

Dale Abenojar


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Re: 11th May: introducing the FBC (a little late)
« Reply #2 on: May 16 2005, 11:40 »

Hi John,

Miss you too, lots!  Looking forward to feasting at Outback Steakhouse with you upon your return.  Got to make sure you keep eating enough to retain your membership in the FBC!

Good luck to you and to all your fellow team members on your final ascent -- I know you can do it!


Mary Clare

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Re: 11th May: introducing the FBC (a little late)
« Reply #3 on: May 16 2005, 23:07 »

Thank you for posting these pictures and the short "bios" to go along with them.  It is wonderful to see the faces and put them to the names!  I also loved reading the "favorite quotes" of the team members.  Definitely some adventurous, driven people who believe in living life to the fullest and living life with zest!  Excellant!


Carol Schneider

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Re: 11th May: introducing the FBC (a little late)
« Reply #4 on: May 19 2005, 01:25 »

What a strong, good-looking group!!
Thanks for the pictures & Bio"s.

We are praying for all of you-your safety & success!
Hi Nate. Thinking of you.


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Re: 11th May: introducing the FBC (a little late)
« Reply #5 on: May 19 2005, 05:20 »

An enjoyable post - it was nice to put faces to the names and see the FBC in all their rugged fat glory!!!

Best wishes guys,


Megan Crotte

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Re: 11th May: introducing the FBC (a little late)
« Reply #6 on: May 21 2005, 20:58 »

nate...we miss you!  i hope all is well up there!  love, megan
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