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26th May: team will attempt summit in two groups

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It is Erik here, taking over for Romke while he enjoys a well deserved break from all that armchair mountaineering... :)

News from Harry in ABC:

[End of day, May 26] "I spent most of the day in meetings, but in the end summit plans are unchanged: start May 27/28 and aiming for the summit on May 30/31.

The 7 summits club team will split into two groups.  Group 1 will start tomorrow May 27 and aim to summit on May 30, while group 2 will start May 28 with the aim to summit May 31.

Group 1: Nikolay Chernyy, Yury Taydokov, Ivan Dusharin, Grigory Skaller, Alexandre Lakovenko, Igor Pokhvalin, Karo Ovasapyan, James Wilde. Sherpas: Pasang Tenzing, Mingma Forche, Pemba Tensing Samte, Mingma Gelu, Pasang Temba Geldjin, Pemba Renjin.

Group 2: Alexander Abramov, Dmitry Moskalev, Harry Kikstra, John Christiana, Nate Schneider, Lorenzo Gariano, Robert Ulph. Sherpas: Lakcha Rengin, Nima Dorji, Mingma Nurbu, Pemba Nurbu.

Weather forecasts do not all agree, but all-in-all 30/31 looking reasonably OK."

Mary Clare:
Hi Erik

I will thank you ahead of time for taking over the "armchair position" for Romke!

Well, it is definitely show time for the 7 Summits.  The plan sounds solid and they have a chance to summit.  I feel very excited for the team and I also have concerns regarding the amount of climbers and sherpas that will be pushing for the top at the same time.  According to Alex, there could be as many 200 - 300 people coming from the north side.  I am hoping everyone will be safe.  Whether or not a climber summits, he will take a piece of this mysterious, beautiful and most challenging mountain with him.  This is an experience one would treasure for a life time!  I say to the 7 Summits.....GOOD LUCK and I hope each one of you will become summitteers of Everest!

To my brother, John...a special GOOD LUCK!!!  As Dad would say "Go for the gusto".


Good luck to all of you!  Looking forward to great news.   Be safe and enjoy the view from the top.  Watch out for helicopters, lol.

John [Christiana]... Pier 9 is rootin' for ya, Stiller.  Keep on, keepin' on, and we'll see you back home for some stories and pictures over some pints.


Michael Sosnowy:
Good luck on the summit attempt, 7 Summit Teams.

A special hoo-rah to Jamie Wilde

Mary Clare, EdwoodCA: Your good luck wishes have been passed on to John in ABC.

Michael: I will try to get your message to James at North Col.



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