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29th May - Group 1 at Camp 3, will go for summit tonight. Group 2 at Northcol


Update from Everest May 29th, 18:00 PM local time:

"Group 1 of the 7 summits club / 7 summits team has arrived at Camp 3. They will leave for the summit tonight. Weather is looking good.

Group 2 has arrived at North Col, on schedule for the summit attempt on June 1st.

James, who returned to ABC is feeling tired, but otherwise OK."

hi, im listening and reading your daily updates. Im also excited to listen at lorenzo's audio blog every day. glad to hear his ok. well it seems that only lorenzo's voice update brings a sound of relief for an everest dreamer like me. i want to hear harry's voice update as well and not just lorenzo's all the time everyday.

well, im excited to read and hear the Everest 7summiteers who makes it atop. A successful and safe to ya ol !


OK, I have my yellow, red, white and blue pom pom's ready !!!!!!!!!!! I only bring out the yellow ones for very special occasions, and is this one!!!!!

Good luck to everyone

Mary Clare:
Hi Erik

It is looking very good for group 1.  Good luck to the Russian part of the team!!!  I hope all of you will summit safely tomorrow.

I am happy to hear that James is feeling alright.  His time to summit Everest will have to be another day.  James...I hope you will be able to return.    :D

Harry, Lorenzo, John and all members of group 2.  I'm glad this is your last time at the North Col!!!  I hope with all my heart that the weather will hold and you will not encounter extreme winds.  This is are almost there!


Chris Valentine:
Very late last night, one of the 24 hour news programmes ran a short article on Everest with Sir Rannulf Feinnes talking via video phone. I didn't hear all of it but I'm guessing his team is also attempting to summit shortly. Weather certainly looked good.



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