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30th May: Group 2 from 7700m


Chris Valentine:
Lorenzo has left a couple of recordings today from Camp 2 at roughtly 7700m. Unfortunately both message got cut off. The altitude is starting to have an effect on what he is saying, but it sounds like they are in good spirits because Harry is teasing him about his age. Winds a bit strong at the moment. Moving on to Camp 3 at 8300m next. He is a little dissappointed at being tired comparing to how he was at the same altitude on Lhotse.

Harry wanted to contribute but they lost the signal.


Chris, Eric, Romke

  A great big THANK YOU for keeping us all posted on the expedition progress!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Clare:
Chris, Erik and Romke

I will second that post.  Great job!!! Thank you!

Wishing group 2 a safe ascent to camp 3.  I certainly hope the winds will stay somewhat calm and that the weather stays clear.


Just to echo previous - thanks Chris for keeping us armchair mountaineers up to date with the lastest info on the expedition.

Here's hoping the winds and weather in general, will be kind to Group 2.  Glad to hear Harry and Lorenzo are in good spirits and that Harry doesn't appear to be suffering from the problems that forced his return to BC previously.

Best wishes


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