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31th May - Afternoon update. Group 2 at Camp 3 (8300m). Summit looms!

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Hi all. Here's the latest from Everest. Harry reporting:

"Lorenzo, John and Harry arrived at Camp 3 (8300m) @ 16.45 PM local time. Tired but safe. All day snow storm, which was very hard work.

Nate, Dmitry and Alex arrived a bit later. They are now also in Camp 3.

Robert has gone down again, had to abort ascend.

We are now trying to get some rest before we head for the summit."

The 7 summits club, group 2 folks have planned to leave for the summit at 01:00 AM Beijing time tonight.

Good luck Harry and team!!!


Here is wishing the whole group the best of luck!  Lets hope the weather is good to them and they can all fulfill their dream of reaching the summit of Everest safely!  We all know they deserve it more than anything.

Love you Dad and so, so proud of you!

God bless,
Liana x x x
(Lorenzo's daughter)

Good Luck to all group 2!!!!
Hoping for good weather!!

(Lorenzo's brother from Italy)


Won't sleep till your back on terra firma.  Good luck to you all.

Love and hugs

Lynne x

Harry & all others:

Enjoy the panorama of the summit!



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