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June 1st - Morning update from 8300m. Summit push postponed / cancelled

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Hi all.

At last some news. Not the news from the summit we were hoping for (yet). It also looks like the summit option is gone for another two expedition members.

Harry: "We are still in camp 3. There was too much storm last night to go up. Alex and Nate will go down today. Lorenzo, John, Dmitri and I will stay at 8300m and try again tonight."

The team spent an uncomfortable night in their tent, waiting for the winds to reduce to allow them to go up, but it did not happen.

Weather is looking a bit better for a June 2 summit, but still quite some wind. Another day at 8300m will not be easy. Harry's sherpa is sick at the moment, so that could be a problem.


Mary Clare:
Thank you Erik for this update.  I had a strong feeling that the "push" would be postphoned due to the storm conditions.  I feel slightly relieved that the team did not attempt the summit for June 1st.  Safety first!!!  But it will be a difficult wait for June 2nd. 
I hope Alex and Nate are feeling alright.  Will they try for a 2nd attempt after resting?  Thank you so much for keeping all of us informed.
My absolute best wishes to this courageous team.  I hope Harry's sherpa will recover quickly and be able to stay with the team.
Be safe John, please...we love you!
mc & all the Christiana's

Carol Schneider:
Be safe & smart team 2.
We are praying for your safe return-summit or not!

Carol Schneider (Nate's Mom)

Continued best wishes for John, Harry, Lorenzo & Dimitry and their sherpas!

Erik, your updates are so helpful, thanks. Best wishes and luck to Lorenzo and all. Our thoughts are with you all, "The Green Pie Gang".


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