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June 1st - Morning update from 8300m. Summit push postponed / cancelled

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Chris Valentine:
Carol, Nancy and Green Pie Gang, your messages passed on to Lorenzo.

I think he is getting poor satellite reception where he is now because the North Ridge itself is in the way. Plus he's had no chance to charge batteries for three or four days now and although he has a total of three with him, he has to keep them warm inside his clothing - perhaps that's why the tent floor feels so bumpy?!


Been an ardent fan of Lorenzo's audioblogs to date, but now their quality is diminishing this website is excellent. Luigi, Lynne and Leanne nice to see your messages of support for Lorenzo on this site, as we all hope the weather relents.

Continued good luck and best wishes to the four remaining up high


Hakan Celik:
I read on the news today ( that a sherpa improved the record of reaching the top, so I thought and hoped you were with him on the top. I hope your sherpa (and the weather) gets well soon so you can have another opportunity. Be carefull.
Say hi to the rest of your team and good luck to you all.

hi ol ye summiteers,

harry, may you ol reach the summit ! You too lorenzo ! just got on the net. have yet to visit your audio blog.

hope im next to get a chance to summit, next year !

Safe and Smart climbing bros !


lorenzo, just heard your audio blog. wow ! no more oxygen ?! if i was there, i would have brought up more oxygen tanks for you and harry and the rest of the remaining team. unfortunately, im too far away. im in manila. hope more oxygen will really get up in time for your ascent !!! better safe than sorry ha !!! If i was a dollar millionaire, id rent out that Eurocopter that went up everest's summit last month and would have gladly picked up oxygen bottles from bc up to your campsite asap for free just to better ensure your team's safety, harry !!! im worried sick re your lack of oxygen bros !!!


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