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June 1st - Evening update from Camp 3 - team is hanging in there

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Latest from Camp 3 - 8300m - 5:00 PM June 1st - close but not so close to the top of the world:

Harry: "I feel pretty worn after a day above 8000 meters. Wind has decreased somewhat, but it is still firm and cold. We are still on for a summit attempt this night at 1:00 am Beijing time. We are trying to get some rest now, before we leave tonight."

With Harry in Camp 3 are Lorenzo, John, Dmitri and their sherpas.

Harry also asked me to greet and thank all that support the team. That means all of you!


Thanks for the updates Erik, really appreciating them at this stage.  Here is hoping that the wind carries on decreasing.  Cant seem to think about anything else at the moment...

Stay strong and focused and please dont take any risks.

Lots of love, warm hugs and good luck wishes as always,

lorenzo, just heard your audio blog. wow ! no more oxygen ?! if i was there, i would have brought up more oxygen tanks for you and harry and the rest of the remaining team. unfortunately, im too far away. im in manila. hope more oxygen will really get up in time for your ascent !!! better safe than sorry ha !!! If i was a dollar millionaire, id rent out that Eurocopter that went up everest's summit last month and would have gladly picked up oxygen bottles from bc up to your campsite asap for free just to better ensure your team's safety, harry !!! im worried sick re your lack of oxygen bros !!!

hi erik, when you get the chance to talk to harry, can you tell him that i am an avid fan of him. if he visits the Philippines, i'll treat him well. you too as well erik.  ;)

Joe (mkmc):
Here,s hoping you take the sensible option rather than the brave one.
We,ll have to meet in Poggi for a cappuccino (if you can find one)!
Sending you all best wishes


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