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June 2nd - Morning - No news yet...


Hi all,

I am sure lots of you are anxiously awaiting the latest news from Everest, and so are we!  :?) 

However, at this point we in homebase at sealevel do not yet know where Harry, Lorenzo, John and Dmitri are on the mountain. It is not clear if they have tried to reach the summit, and if so, if they have been successful.

Anyway we expect they are busy getting down to save altitude levels.

Be sure that any news will be posted here immediately.


well my best guess is that the weather was to bad and after 3 nights above 8000 its hard going even with oxygen so.....lets get back safe guys.

keep my thumbs crossed or you Harry

And to Bassie: how is my old limbo denali mate ;D

Bassie from Holland:
He Ronnylein,
yes everything tudo bem,
only typing with my thumbs crossed is a bit annoying and brings up my spasm
congratulations with the hokking together, not bad
but anyway, I agree with your remark, I think the weather is to bad to communicate and move at all wait untill we hear some news

From Alex Abramov
17:30 local time.

Dmitry Moskalev has climbed the top at 8:30. On descent  he has met John Christiana and his Sherpa Renji. They have risen on top about one o'clock in the afternoon. Later he has met Harry Kikstra and his Sherpa Lakcha, they also continued climb. Till now we have no information, whether Harry have reached the summit. There was no  radio communication with them during whole day, though all members and Sherpas are supplied radio stations. At one o'clock Lorenzo Gariano came on communication. He has informed, that he is in camp of 7700 m. During an ascent, on the Second step, he (as he said) has lost eyesight . We do not know precisely, what it means. In any case,  Lorenzo has  managed  independently gone down in camp 2 on 7700 meters. Probably, he has just frozen eyes, because of a strong wind. We have sent Sherpa Nima which has quickly risen in camp of 7700 m. Now they begin descent  downwards, they promise to go down up to camp ABC.
 Now Sherpa Mingma Norbu which we have left of 8300 m in camp to wait for the two climbers Harry and Lakcha, has informed, that sees them at height 8500м.
Whether has had been Harry  on top whether  not, we do not know. We hope for the best, also we hope, that they will have time to go down in camp 3 up to darkness. Unfortunately,  in camp 3 there is only one cylinder of oxygen. It will be  heavy night  for three person. It will be their third night at this height.

Thanks for the update, Alex!

I have started a new topic in the forum with this news.



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