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June 2nd - Dmitry and John summit! Harry, John & sherpas third night at 8300m...

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Mary Clare:
I am posting this at approximately 1:00 pm on June 3rd Beijing time.

Does anyone know if John and Harry have made it back down to camp 2?  Also, what is the situation regarding oxygen cylinders.  Is anyone going to be able to meet John, Harry and their sherpas with oxygen and possible needed supplies?  I am also wondering about the physical condition of these guys?

I understand it is very difficult to get accurate has just been very hard to be patient.  I am staying positive and looking forward to good news!    :)

Thanks for all the updates,

Bassie from Holland:
OK, Harry come off the mountain!!
You already beat the world record "stay above 8000 meters",
a nice girl, a couple of beers and some other mountain very south are waiting

Bas and Jette

The longest 3 - 4 days I have had in a long time, geesh hurry up Harry!!!! Where are you????

im gonna buy you some beer together with bassie when you get back m8


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