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June 2nd - Dmitry and John summit! Harry, John & sherpas third night at 8300m...

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Harry and the rest: Please come back save!

Ap & Petra

John and Dmitry - congratulations!  Very glad you made it.

Harry - hope you were able to summit too

Lorenzo, Alex, Nate and James - next year, for sure!

Perhaps your FBC group can get together again and climb something not quite so high and dangerous?!  Perhaps something in Hawaii would be nice.............

To an extra-safe descent!

Lorenzo your latest "blog's" reduced me to tears, which I shed into a couple, (or more) glasses of 'Pinot Grigio'sThank God your safe, 'bonny lad'.. (Geordie), for your family and those close to you. "Yo se que los Angeles estan contigo". Nikky x

Well Done to John and Dimitry! Sounds like you summitted quite early.  Now just get back down safely so it will all be worth it!!

Lorenzo - what an amazing story - resting until sunrise at 8600m and then descending independently to 7700m having encountered problems with your eyesight!!!  I'm very very glad to hear that you are safe and hope for a speedy recovery to your eyes.  Very scary stuff having to abort the summit attempt and climb down alone - thought I told you guys to stick together!!!!  :()

Anyway, glad you are safe and my best wishes go out to you - just take it easy now and enjoy the food, rest and oxygen (and relative warmth) at the lower altitudes of ABC and BC - next year dude!!!

MC, smrtnupp and Ingrid - I share your concerns for Harry.  He had a private sherpa though so keep your spirits up - he should be ok.  I guess after 21 hours away from camp on the summit attempt, they are all pretty much spent.  However, I hope and believe they are back at 8300m camp at least.  But it would just be nice to get some news of Harry's condition - the longer no news comes out from the camps the more worried I'm becoming that he may be suffering AMS or HAPE/HACE - I really hope he is ok.  But if he is suffering, get a rescue mission started immediately - bring up some O2 for the guys (they must be seriously short by now) and extra personnel to help get Harry down if he has become hypoxic or failing to descend under his own power.  Swift action is required now if there is a problem - still hanging on for info!!  Keep your hopes up girls!


For the ones who didn't read the message of Erik on

"It has been a nail biting 24 hours. A couple of hours ago we finally received a first clear message regarding Harry.

It has been confirmed by Alex from ABC, by SMS, that Harry arrived at Camp 3 at around 10PM local time. That is 21 hours after the group left for the summit at 1AM!

Harry is with his sherpa in camp 3, together with John and another sherpa. So that is good, given the circumstances.

We are still waiting to hear the condition of Harry and the others at camp 3. Let's hope they make it all through the night OK, without any complications due to prolonged exposure to the altitude, the cold and a lack of oxygen. It will be the third night at 8300. The fourth above 7700. Of lesser importance at the moment, but we also do not know yet if Harry did make it to the summit.
Erik (on behalf of Harry Kikstra, 7"


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