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June 2nd - Lorenzo: "One hell of a story"

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Chris Valentine:
Received just now, a message from Lorenzo from ABC. He says "I have one hell of a story to tell". I can imagine!

A combination of a very technical climb and a que of people made progress up from Camp 3 difficult, especially in the dark. He started to notice he couldn't focus, then realised he'd lost vision in one eye. He then lost contact with the others on the way up to North Ridge; very worrying. Reached the North Ridge and could see the peaks on the South side, but realised then, at 8600m, that he could not carry on. Now, even more dramatic, he managed to find some shelter behind a rock to rest until sunrise, the tip of Everest just in front of him.

His message gets cut off and he starts a new one. Thinks his eye will recover.

Harry sent up a Sherpa to help Lorenzo down from Camp 2. "Wonderful to be speaking to you all ... celebrating life". A lesson learned to never do such a summit without a personal Sherpa. "Very terrifying to be on my own - my 'time' had not come."

At this stage, there has been no message from Harry, but it could just be his radio. John is at Camp 3 and Dmitry has summited too.

He will ring again tomorrow from BC.


Mary Clare:
It was wonderful hearing Lorenzo's blog.  I am very happy that he is safe and celebrating life.
John...I am in awe that you just summited Everest in these conditions!  I am beyond relief to hear that you are in camp 3.  I hope with all my might that you will have enough oxygen to get back down that mountain.  Good luck on your descent back to ABC and finally to BC.  Congradulations, brother!
Harry, please come back down safely.  So many people are with you in thought.  I await anxiously for good news.

Hi from Moscow!!!

Just received the latest message from Alex Abramov! Harry now is at 8300 along with his sherpa. No sure he has reached the summit or not, but possible. At least he is now safe in the camp!!!
Will be waiting for news tomorrow and update you as soon as we will get something.


Mary Clare:

Thank you SO much for this update!!!  For some reason I am not able to get to the 7 Vershin web-site.  I am so relieved that Harry is at camp 3!!!  I am assuming he is with John and both of their sherpas.  I hope they will be O.K. without much oxygen.  I believe with all my heart that they will make it back safely!


Thank you Anna.

WOO HOO!!!! Cheers


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