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June 2nd - Lorenzo: "One hell of a story"

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Mary Clare:
Thank you Erik!!!!!

mc    :)

He harry,

did you beat Jaime Vinals in high-altitude camping O0?

come back home safe my friend, we'll be waiting for you!!!!!!

love Bas

hi harry, your high altitude camping story can be sold to "believe it or not tv". basically, i believe you stayed too long in a high altitude-less oxygen=less body heat core. in contrast to what harry did, went down to bc=much oxygen=better chance of summiting.

all the odds were on your side by staying too long at such high altitude. but you survived! that is one incredible story and experience. experience is the best teacher.

i think the 2006 7summit team to everest will have more oxygen and maybe, just maybe, harry should add and require the sercice of a high altitude sherpa just in case.

i was daily monitoring your audio blog. i am amazed at your will to survive and will to win. it was definitely "no choice" for you but to head down when the fear of losing your eyesight was apparent and i would not have gone any further myself if i were in your shoes at that very moment of crossroads. you are destined most likely for the 2006 everest. try it again lorenzo. i'll try everest myself in 2006. i am talking to major sponsors at the moment. i'll be heading for kathmandu as early as nov 2005. i only wish i could hear your complete experience and i am sure i'll learn from it and cud even be a lifesaver for me in my upcoming everest ascent.

i salute your incredible survival instincts. others would most likely have died for the same experience. you are definitely a true bloodied mountaineer.  :)


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