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June 2nd - Lorenzo: "One hell of a story"

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Liana Gariano:
Someone or something must have been looking over my Dad!  I, like many others was waiting in anticipation this morning and did start to get very worried after not hearing anything for a while.  People kept saying that 'no news is good news' and right they were.

I just want to say how proud I am of you Dad and that the prayers we were saying over here for you must have worked... what else can protect you from such extreme conditions like that?  You have always said to me how you believe in Destiny and I think it was your strength and beliefs within that kept you alive. Amazing.

I cant wait to see you back on solid ground.

I knew I couldnt loose my Dad to a mountain.

Congratulations to Harry, Demitri and John, I am so glad that you are all safe after your well deserved summit.

God Bless
Liana xxx

Lorenzo... Congratulations!  To spend a night at 8600m by yourself is an achievement in itself!  Not many could survive that.

I always knew you would do well and make the right decisions.

Thats one for the Grandkids!!!

Hope to be eating some pasta with you soon...

Duane     O0

p.s. Ive got lots of questions for you... (ha!)

God Bless


We are just wishing you are celebrating your summit and that your radio is broke! It is amazing how you manage to stay up there for so long, we just hope that you are safe and well. Bas says that this is more nervewrecking then a Worldchampionship final Holland-Germany with penaltys! I can only agree. :eek)
You're in our thoughts all day. Win this game 'His name isn't even Harry'!

We wan't to hear your Groovah live and kicking down here below sea level!

Jette & Bas

Chris Valentine:
Liana and Duane, your messages forwarded (with my bottom lip beginning to tremble). I'm sure he is taking great strength from everyone's contributions here. He will be in great demand as a visiting speaker on his return, both here (UK) and in Italy.


glad he's safe...Bas..lets call homeland security ;)


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