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June 3rd - GOOD NEWS

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Hi All,

Thanks to Anna in Moscow, we just received the following from Alex in ABC:

"All members are alive! Harry and John are now at 7700, Lorenzo is coming down to BC, Dmitri is close to ABC (should be there in 40 minutes)."

 :) :) :) :) :) :)


YEAH! Good news indeed! Can't wait for Harry's story, but also glad that I can start concentrating on my work today...

Hi Harry,
Great. As you have always stated - if your on the top you're only halfway down. So make it to BC safe!


Hey Har,

It's all about ups and downs and I think it's time to come down again!
 We're all thinkin about you here!
Take care, step by step, U're strong enough to make it!!!

hug, Marian

Great news folks - glad to hear everyone doing well and on their way down.  Descend safely Harry - can't wait for your story, so get some rest/sleep then spill the beans!!

Best wishes to all the expedition members,



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