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June 3rd - GOOD NEWS

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Mary Clare:
:)   :D   :lol)   ;D

Listen...I think you will hear a sigh of relief.  It started at ABC, then went on to Moscow (thanks Anna), and now it is going around the world!!!

Congradulations to the whole team.  For those who made the summit...amazing!!!  For those who did not summit...Everest will always be there.  And most importantly, as I said when this adventure first began, "the journey is the destination".  And what a journey this has been!

John...I am in awe of what you have accomplished!  I wrote a song for 7 Summits when this expedition started.  Here are the words to the interlude and verse 3.  This is for you, John.

The wind is harsh...the ice is slick.  Your head it throbs...and you feel sick.  (slight creshendo)  It's hard to breath...the cold thin air.  Another're almost there.  (creshendo)  And soon you'll be on top of the world!  Top of the world.  (guitar riff)
Verse 3
Wake up from your dreams and make them real.  And as you set sail...wave good-bye.  Sail into the sunset.  Your dreams will light up the sky.  And you can climb any mountain with passion.  You can truly shine.  The view from the top will astound you.  And you are free for all time.  Live your dreams.

This is my "song of the day".


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