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Title: Boots, boots, boots
Post by: jedi-knight on Jun 19 2005, 16:39
Hi folks,

I am looking for a pair of boots that can last me at least 3 summits, ie. Elbrus, Aconcagua and Denali. If it can survive Vinson, God Bless!  ;D

I also know the boots for these three and Kili are different. I am currently looking at the Salomon Pro Thermic. Any comments on this pair of boots from those who have used it to summit the peaks? Any other boots that can do as well?

For Kili, which boots in the Salomon range would best? or any other range for that matter.

All advice are much appreciated   ;D


PS: Trying to save $$$....so looking for gear that can be re-used again  8)
Title: Re: Boots, boots, boots
Post by: MikeW on Jun 20 2005, 18:33
Hi JK, btw I love your name (a big fan myself  ;D)!

I used the Salomon Pro Thermic on Elbrus and Aconcagua and they were fine. I will be using them on Vinson in January 2006 with an overboot and I plan on using them on Denali too. It is a really warm boot, very confortable but you have to dry the inner boot really carefully for your feet not to freeze in cold temperature. I recommend them anytime.

For Kili, the Salomon Adventure 7 would be a good choice with a thick pair of sock for summit day because it get really cold during the night (-20c).

Title: Re: Boots, boots, boots
Post by: jedi-knight on Jun 20 2005, 19:05
thanks mate!

i shall not forget your advice  ;D
Title: Re: Boots, boots, boots
Post by: jedi-knight on Jul 7 2005, 20:32
hi folks,

i came across these 2 boots in a nearby store.

1. http://www.hi-tec.com/content.php?page=technologies&section=Technologies&article=11
   - the boots is in the small pic on the URL

2. http://www.columbia.com/products/pr_detail.cfm?product_id=4028&row=19
   - click on Features for more details.

which is better for kili ? one? both? or neither?  ;D


Title: Re: Boots, boots, boots
Post by: 7summits on Jul 8 2005, 13:22
Hey Jedi Knight,

It's hard to say without seeing them and feeling them, but the first one looks ok, at least it's warm enough!
2nd one has all the bells and whistles of a good hiking shoe, but check if it's any warm.

Most of all, your sho has to be comfortable when you try it on! Find a very good salesperson and ask for another if they clearly not know what they are talking about.

Good luck,