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Title: Sicherheid und Risico...
Post by: Peter Meier on Oct 5 2002, 07:56
Sicherheid und Risico im Fels und Eis.

Written by Pit Schubert.

Is a very good book about accidents in the mountains, very wel explaind, why things went wrong.
You really learn by the mistakes from other people.

Even bether than to explain how to do it is to explain what not to do.

Written in German.

Title: Re:Sicherheid und Risico...
Post by: Ron on Mar 16 2003, 20:13
Book # 2 is out.

the 1st book I agree is a "must read" for every climber...the second one is more off the same.
If youve read the 1st one...you have read the 2nd one too. Only the amazement of the mistakes being made stays.