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Title: Advice about summit flags please!
Post by: Emochka on Jul 8 2005, 21:30

A colleague is going on a month's trek in the Himalayas in September. We'd like to get him a penant flag made for wherever he wants to stick it! We want something bespoke made up that will be personal to him as a gift; but also with our company logo on (as we are a British manuafcturer who makes commercial refrigeration a flag on top of a ice capped peak is pretty good PR!)

Can anyone recommend someone who does these flags for expeditions? There are loads of flag sites in the net but I don't think many of them could withstand the Himalayas. So thought I'd ask the people who really know.

Title: Re: Advice about summit flags please!
Post by: 7summits on Jul 8 2005, 21:41
Hey Emma,

welcome on the forum; for one flag it is always cheaper to just go to a copy shop or low-key printer and have one made, you can even print one yourself on special printing paper and iron it on a blank flag!

Just make sure the flag is:
- not too heavy!
- Not too big, both spread out as well as packed, so use thin fabric that does not get wet when snowed or rained upon (no cotton etc)!
- a bit durable, though weight is more important.

Send us the pics!