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Title: Wanted: 'Summit Fever' documentary with Brian Blessed, Al Hinkes
Post by: Cameron on Jul 20 2005, 15:14

Does anyone have, or know where I can get, a copy of the 1996 (UK) Channel 4 (I think) documentary 'Summit Fever' (as far as I'm aware, originally shown as part of the 'Dispatches' series and later on National Geographic in the US) about Brian Blessed's third visit to Everest with the trekking company Himalayan Kingdoms. Alan Hinkes and producer Matt Dickinson eventually summited (a few days after the famous fatalities on the south side in May 1996) and filmed up there, tying a scarf from the Dalai Lama to the summit pole on behalf of Brian Blessed, who was waiting back at base camp. As far as I know this has never been officially released, but I have just read Matt Dickinson's entertaining book about the expedition ('The Death Zone', also known as 'The Other Side of Everest' in the US) and would love to see all the footage he describes.
A DVD disc would be great, but failing that, VHS cassette would be fine. I'll pay a fair price for a copy. Thanks in advance  :)