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Title: Kilimanjaro park fees will increase in 2006!
Post by: 7summits on Aug 1 2005, 22:28
The Tour Operators Association had negotiations with the Minister of Tourism about the sudden announcement of high park fees in 2006.

I am afraid it is some bad news, the Tanzanian government has decided that they want less tourists bringing in more money, and therefore they have announced the raise of the park fees per Jan 1 2006.

You can read backgrounders in this news release: www.allafrica.com/stories/200506061331.html  (In this article the raise was still $70 pppd! But that has been toned down by the Tour operators asscociation, see www.superclimb.co.za/article.asp?aid=150303&sportCategory=SUPERCLIMB/KILIMANJARO)

In short the raise, so EXTRA park fees on top of the existing fees, is now determined to be:
- $30 per person per day for Kilimanjaro National Park
- $20 pppd for Serengeti National Park
- $100 per CAR, for NgoroNgoro crater
- Extra charges for the lodges, they raise their own prices as a result, average $20 pppd

This will make an average climb and safari trip $300- $450 more expensive per person, all effectively Jan 1 2006. We are very sorry about this, this has just been announced and finalized last month. The past 4 years the park fees had been roughly the same and so were our prices which always have included all park fees. But now we will have to charge these extra fees to our customers; we do not make any profit on these fees, they go 100% to the government.

So if you want your Kilimanjaro and Safari trip to be as cheap as possible, go before Januari 1 2006! 8)

Thanks and keep climbing,