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Title: Trip to Carstensz
Post by: MikeW on Aug 2 2005, 00:37
Hey Harry!

I was wondering if you're planning to organize a trip to Carstensz soon, because new permits just got possible now. I know that Adventure Consultants and Mountain Madness are organizing trips for August and November of 2005. But the price is ridiculous, it went up from 9000$ to 18000$ for both companies.

I surely would love to climb Carstensz if the price is reasonable.

Title: Re: Trip to Carstensz
Post by: 7summits on Aug 2 2005, 00:48
Hey Mikey!

I am just finishing the work on the tripdetails, should be online in a few days; but the prices will be high. This is because of the only route now possible requires quite some helicopter time, which is ridiculously expensive.
I will have the details soon, but probably the expedition will be $12,500... which is the lowest available.

Did you do Vinson yet? There are only a couple of spaces left, about 5-6 on each departure of the remaining 3 trips (first 2 trips are full), see the trips page:

Title: Re: Trip to Carstensz
Post by: hendra adhittia pratama on Aug 2 2005, 10:49
go to caerstenz pyramid,8/08/2005. stekpi jakarta harsha pratala
Title: Re: Trip to Carstensz
Post by: Roger on Aug 6 2005, 12:57
I wish to be blunt.  What a load of nonsense and profiteering by the above mentioned expeditions. 
Gee it doesnt happen to be coincidental/collusion that both companies have exactly the same fees and no doubt more will exploit the perceived difficulties in attaining the Carstensz peak.
I really hope people do not fall for these fees which in turn wil begin to jusify such outrageous fees.
Absolute mountain madness.
Roger Sydney Australia