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Title: load carries on denali
Post by: Thecat on Aug 5 2005, 01:35
Hi there,

this might be a dumb question - but I will pose it anyhow ( you can already start laughing...) ;D

I am thinking about climbing denali next year ( end may/june maybe ) and everywhere I look, I find the information that a lot of load carrying of own and group equipment is envolved. No problem really, but all  of the tour operators demand that you have to be able  to carry a 50-60 lbs pack and pull a 40-50 lbs sled! After checking my stuff and doing some maths these numbers seem to be realistic, but if the share between teammembers is really that strict it would be quite difficult for me - even calculating with the "smaller" weights.A friend, who did Denali some time ago just said that I am too petite to "do" a mountain like that  :?) We never went to the mountains together so he can not really estimate what I am capable off, but he knews that I already climbed hills like Kili, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Aconcagua ( no problems with a 15-22 kg pack!!!!! ), Mt.Blanc and tried Mt Cook (ughh...) so technically I guess the West Butress route will not be the major issue. What do you think? Is there a minimum "weight and height"  limit?? Please take my questions seriously, I do not want to book a climb and then be frowned at by my fellow teammembers ( I already had that in the past, not a nice feeling - costs a lot of energy to "proove" ones abilities. :'() 


Have fun climbing
Title: Re: load carries on denali
Post by: 7summits on Aug 5 2005, 02:38
Hello Thecat,
welcome to the forum. It is hard to say what you should be able to carry and pull without knowing your size and weight. On a mountain like Denali it is only fair to divide group weights like food relatively: if you eat less than average, you should carry less than average.
You should always be able to carry your personal stuff and gear, but that might be up to 25% lighter than that of a big person (especially clothing).

22kgs sound good, Denali is tough for everybody, so you need to train your back muscles and abdomens, to prepare for the carrying and the pulling of a sled.

If you take it easy on the fancy stuff like extra bars, then you might be ok.
How old are you, how much do you weigh/how tall are you? Male or female?

Never let someone else tell you you cannot do something  8)

Title: Re: load carries on denali
Post by: Thecat on Aug 9 2005, 15:48
thanks for your comment! I think that I am well prepared to carry my share of the load. I never thaught that my equipment could weight about 25% less then that of a taller person.  To answer your question, I am female, 37yrs, 158 cm, ca 50 kg ( ok with wearing all my stuff  :_[)

I always try not to react to  some of the less nicer comments of so called team-members, but as noted before I hate to struggle and use up precious energy to prove them wrong. ;D
Title: Re: load carries on denali
Post by: Brad Marshall on Nov 10 2005, 00:06

Still looking for info or opinions on load carrying on Denali.  If so, drop me a line and I'd be glad to fill you in on our summit in May '05.