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Title: Which route to take
Post by: norwaycanada on Aug 23 2005, 08:08
We have just starting our research and possible planning of a kilimanjaro climb.  Found many websites, from different operators, with different ideas and suggestions.  It makes it a bit confusing. We will be 2, with no climbing experience at all.  What route would you suggest ? Spending an extra day or 2 seems like a wise choice.  I really find this forum true and informative.  Summer 2006 or January 2007 is our objective.

Our goal is to reach the summit, so speed is not an issue. 
Title: Re: Which route to take
Post by: Roger on Aug 25 2005, 17:21
Hi Guys
This is some info I posted to another query.
First get your boots and start walking to break them in, slowly increasing distance and add your daypack and slowly add a little weight comparable to what you will eventually carry, just so your body, back, abs, legs get used to it. 

If you want to prepare really well for Kili arrive in Arusha, Tanzania 4 days earlier and climb Mt Meru. Most people bypass this magnificent mountain. If you do Meru choose the lower path which is longer and more animals.  You will have to push you ranger to do this as the other path is better for them.  When you get to Saddle Hut (day2) also climb Little Meru which is only a 45 minute climb from the camp. If the weather is clear you will have a nice view of Mt Meru which you will commence that same night at around 12-1am. Drink heaps of water and take snacks you really enjoy as you will most likely not feel like eating all that much but you still need to stock up a little.  Take good gloves and warm goretex type jacket over your layers. It gets quite cold on Mt Meru and definately cold on Kili (especially if the wind picks up, brrrr).
As the local say also Pole Pole (slowly slowly) also. There is  no need to hurry to Miriakamba hut or Saddle hut as you only have to sit around if you rush, no point really.
Take warm clothes and bag as it gets quite cold late afternoon and nightime.  Take time at night to also sit and stare at the stars..You will see heaps of shooting stars and be able to watch satelites crossing overhead regularly.
Bye the way take the Lemoshi/western breach route on kili, it is the best. Stay in the crater also if possible (you will need to find a "good" operator if considering this.  For me 7 days absolute minimum to really enjoy the Western Breach
Hope this helps a little
Title: Re: Which route to take
Post by: 7summits on Aug 26 2005, 01:34
Hi NorwayCanadaCPL

first let me compliment with your attitude with regards to taking your time on the mountain, that's a very good start.
Though Roger is correct in what he says, I would not recommend the Breach route to you if you have no mountaineering experience. If you want the easiest route then I would recommend the Marangu or the Rongai route. The Rongai is really gradual and relatively undiscovered, being the only route coming from the north. There are some possibilities to spend extra days near Mwenzi peak as well.

The Marangu route is actually quite nice and is the only option if you want to sleep in huts, all other routes require camping, which is really fun and in my view is the best way.
Also the Marangu route is simply too busy, except for the less busy months of November & May.

One step up in difficulty is the Machame route which is pretty and shows a large part of the mountain. But it is a bit harder than the 2 routes mentioned above.

Just think about what you would like to do, and if you are planning anything beforehand.
When you are ready to really plan the trip, contact me and I will set up a great trip (routes and conditions can change, so we will see what is best for your wishes at that time).

Harry 8)
Title: Re: Which route to take
Post by: norwaycanada on Aug 26 2005, 06:14
The Machame route is definitely the one we would prefer.  But with no climbing experience, would this be a wise choice.  Extra day or 2 on the mountain will be for sure. Want to enjoy the whole experience. 
Title: Re: Which route to take
Post by: MikeW on Aug 26 2005, 21:28

I think the Machame route is the wisest decision since you don't have altitude experience. I took the Machame route with one extra day and it was perfect. I personnally did not need the extra day (we slept in the Karanga valley just before high camp) but some members of my group did. Just enjoying an extra day on Kili is fantastic.

So have fun on Kili, a beautiful mountain.

Title: Re: Which route to take
Post by: Nudge on Aug 30 2005, 00:35
Has to the the Macame route. Did it two years ago with Zara out of Moshi. Adventurous and great fun.
Title: Re: Which route to take
Post by: David on Sep 25 2005, 14:27
Hi, I second everyone that suggested the Machame route. I did it recently, and well worthwhile. Avoid the 'Normal' route at all costs. Machame route is supposed to be 6 days, but book your flights, onward plans etc to allow for atleast another day in the event of a hiccup. Had one of my team mates done this, he would've made it to the top despite being slightly ill.

Make sure you are fit & healthy, walking nearly every day with your equipment that you will use for Kili and make sure you include some hills in those walks. Maybe try to do one or two smaller mountains in your area so that you can get a taste of what mountain climbing is all about. Remember, the fitter you are, the more you will enjoy the hike. Email me, and I'll send you the informative brochure from the guys that took us up.