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Title: Eighth summit?
Post by: 617 on Oct 7 2005, 05:06
Curious to know... if you could define an 8th continent on this earth thus resulting in "eight summits" being the new goal instead of "seven summits" and that continent would have an existing mountain as its highest peak, what mountain would you prefer that to be and why?
Title: Re: Eighth summit?
Post by: Mary Clare on Oct 7 2005, 13:09
Hey 617

I would say Mt. Gunnbjorn Fjeld located in the Watkins mountains of East Greenland.  Mt. Gunnbjorn is 3694 meters.

The reason I would pick this mountain is because when I was a kid, I always thought that Greenland should be a continent!  (Not a real tall mountain, though.)    ::))

Good luck on your decision whether or not to pursue your dream of climbing the 7 summits.  It is a big decision...but living your dreams is the ultimate sense of being true to yourself.  I wish you the best in all your endeavors!   :D

Title: Re: Eighth summit?
Post by: 7summits on Oct 7 2005, 14:59
I second MC's choice, but also any hard to get to mountain would do like Mt Maromokotro on Madagascar. Not diffciult, but getting there is an adventure 8)

And I can also recommend The Rwenzoris, a very special range and 3rd highest of Africa..
Title: Re: Eighth summit?
Post by: Ted on Oct 14 2005, 11:30
To make a list of 1 summits I would like to add:

Moon: Beta in the Leibnitz Range, at 11.000 meters
Mars: Olympus Mons and is about 24.000 meters
Vesus: Maxwell Montes about 11.500 meters

Now that's a challenge :-)

Seriously, I would add Mauna Kea in the pasific to the list as the eight summit.
Title: Re: Eighth summit?
Post by: Cy Kaicener on Oct 14 2005, 20:58
I think Mt Cook in New Zealand would be an interesting addition.. The other suggestions sound good too.