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Title: Everest remeasured: results are in: 8,844.43m above sealevel!
Post by: 7summits on Oct 9 2005, 20:29
The results of the remeasuring of Everest are in:

BEIJING, Oct. 9 (Xinhuanet) -- The summit rock of Mount Qomolangma is 8,844.43 meters (29,017.15ft) above sea level, China's surveying and mapping department announced here on Sunday.

    The newly measured height is 3.7 meters shorter than the measurements of 8,848.13 meters, a figure obtained during the previous measurement in 1975, said Chen Bangzhu, director general of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (SBSM).

Mt. Qomolangma stands at 8844.43 meters according to the latest figure issued by State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China on Oct. 9, 2005.
Photo taken in June of 2005 shows Mount Qomolangma. (Xinhua)
    "The improved technology has made the data of current measurements more precise," he added.

    The rate of precision for the measurement of Mount Qomolangma's summit rock is within a margin of 0.21 meter, and the ice and snow layer at the mountain summit is 3.5 meters in thickness, Chen said at Sunday's press conference.

    The datum have been obtained after arduous field survey and through thorough calculation and checkout, Chen said.

    The SBSM began designing the measurement campaign late last year and Chinese mountaineers climbed up to the summit of Mount Qomolangma at 11:08 a.m of May 22, 2005.

    The measurements were then conducted at the six control points by means of theodolites and laser rangers lasting for 48 hours. Surveyors at the mountain summit measured the thickness of the ice and snow layers under the survey marker with radar altimeter.

    The datum were sent to SBSM geodetic data processing center in Xi'an, capital northwest China's Shaanxi Province, on June 12.

    Mount Qomolangma, located at the Sino-Nepalese, is the highest mountain peak in the world.

(from Quangdong News (http://newsgd.com/news/china1/200510090022.htm))

 Hear the audiofragment here. (http://mms://enmms.chinabroadcast.cn/new/reports/2005/10/1009everest.wma)

Until we know the reaction of the Nepalese and other scientists we are keeping the altitude at 8850m for now.
Now I know why those last 6meters were so tough  ;)
Title: Re: Everest remeasured: results are in: 8,844.43m above sealevel!
Post by: 7summits on Oct 10 2005, 19:19
For your information, here is part of my communication with my friend and colleague statician Eberhard Jurgalski (we keep the 7 summits stats updated together).

"Hi Harry!
I also did never go with the American 8850 number (see my older words about it below).
I have to think about the new figure and also first discuss with others. Normally only new altitudes from new maps with results of resurveying a whole area should be accepted, but Everest seems to be an exception....
Take care
My old text from 2002:
11.11.1999: Bradford Washburn announced a new altitude of Everest, 8850 m, based on GPS-readings. On May 5, 1999, American and Nepalese climbers had placed GPS-equipment on top of Everest.

The 1998 German edition of Peter Gillman's excellent Everest book was titled "Everest 8846 m". It includes, that Bradford Washburn had announced already a new altitude of Everest; a prism was placed on top in May 1992 and laser-measurings were possible. The result back then was 8846 m.

First two meters lower, then two meters higher and the old "official" altitude exactly in the middle; the old land-based surveys probably are no lesser trust-worthy then the modern ones. Additionally there is the fact, that the height of the snow cumulation varies from year to year up to possibly two meters, because of the heavy monsoon winds.

The most recent maps of China and Nepal still show 8848 m.
Title: Re: Everest remeasured: results are in: 8,844.43m above sealevel!
Post by: Mary Clare on Oct 11 2005, 04:43
Hi Harry

I'm still going with 8848 meters.  I recently purchased a new Ford Mustang and the license plate is: 848 TRU.  I thought it was coincidental that my new plates not only said 848 but also TRU!  I got to stick with 8848!!!    ;D

Title: Re: Everest remeasured: results are in: 8,844.43m above sealevel!
Post by: 7summits on Oct 11 2005, 13:11
Good for you MC. Actually, al that was meausred now is the height of the rock. They measured that there was 3.5m of snow/ice on top of it, which exactly adds to 8848m in total, so conveniently the same number as the last Chinese measurement...

So they can have a new merasurement now without discrediting the old team.

The question is of course whatdo you count: the highest rock? Or the highest point, so including ice? What if the ice is fixed?There is variation on Everest, but no-one has ever seen the rock summit. Might be interesting, the 4th step...