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Title: Aconcagua Solo
Post by: mgb71 on Nov 9 2005, 21:23
I'm looking into climbing Aconcagua in Dec 05/Jan 06.  If I can't find a partner then I plan on going solo, but read that laws have been passed prohibiting solo climbing on Aconcagua.  Can anyone provide info on this?


Title: Re: Aconcagua Solo
Post by: Nacho on Nov 11 2005, 21:35
Hi Mike, I read the law from the official page, and I didn't find that you can't  go solo.
I was in Aconcagua last january, only with my partner. He was faster than me, so we was alone most of the ascent. Nobody ask why, or says that was wrong.

I hope you can understand my poor english. I'm from Argentina.

The page is http://www.aconcagua.mendoza.gov.ar/ (Its in Spanish).

Bye, Nacho.
Title: Re: Aconcagua Solo
Post by: Corsair on Nov 14 2005, 00:58
It's enough you enter the park with someone. No one will stop you from climbing solo later on.