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Title: kilimanjaro: when to go?
Post by: alfa on Jan 10 2006, 03:31
we are planning to climb the Kilimanjaro. the fist question is: when to go?  when is the best period to do this taking into consideration: weather (visibility and safety) and traffic (we donít like huge crowds). the second question is: what is the best route? (we are in good shape and have some climbing experience)
Title: Re: kilimanjaro: when to go?
Post by: bmunson@charter.net on Jan 11 2006, 05:39
I have been up twice--April=rain, snow, sleet and mud with no visibility but no people.  Many companies won't go up during the rainy season.

 July is HIGH season but weather was perfect but many more people in TZ, however, if you go up Lemosho, you won't see many people at all. I only saw 2 other small groups until the summit and Barafu on the way down.  Recommend http://www.go-kili.com for information and a GREAT company. 
Title: Re: kilimanjaro: when to go?
Post by: Milan on Jan 12 2006, 17:49
I went in december 2004 and the weather was perfect, in the morning always sunny, afternoon some clouds and some rain and in the evening sunny again. We took the Machame-route and still there were a lot of other people  >:(. But I heard it's not so bad as the Coca-cola-route.
Title: Re: kilimanjaro: when to go?
Post by: regaz on Jan 25 2006, 02:21
We left Canada on July 02 and summited via the Machame Route on the morning of July 12. Marangu is an easier route but very, very busy. There were other climbers on Machame but generally small crowds and lots of friendly, outgoing people.
Summit night was tough but all three members of our group made it to the summit.

Safari lodges were booked solid though and I didn't want to spend any more time in a tent so we opted to go to Zanzibar for a few days and that was an incredible experience.

Good luck on your trip.