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Title: Polish Glacier Conditions
Post by: climb4life on Jan 24 2006, 00:25
Im assuming the polish glacier is now open and recieving plenty of traffic.  But, im curious about the conditions.  In the past few years, the direct route has been in better shape then the old polish glacier route.  Does anyone have any input as to this year's conditions?  We are planning to climb the polish during early Feb (we leave for basecamp on Feb 3rd).  So, we are bringing ice gear, etc for Direct route, but worst case scenario, we'll go up the old polish glacier.  Anyone have any ideas of the route conditions right now (late january)?
Title: Re: Polish Glacier Conditions
Post by: Nudge on Jan 25 2006, 23:55
I'm just ack from sucessfully summiting via the PGTR but saw a few climb the direct. The ice seemed ideal. I spoke to two guys from Colorado who completed it and they thought it was straight forward. If your doing the traverse you will only need crampons (some didn't).

Generally its a very cold dirty and very dusty mountain. The walk in has the added pleasure of mulched up muld s**t in th dust to contend with. I really think it would be a good idea to knock a few hundred meters off the summit so that 7summiteers could have a real mountain to climb in south amreica :-)
Title: Re: Polish Glacier Conditions
Post by: Curious on Jan 26 2006, 12:11
any word on the normal polish glacier route?