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Title: 7-day Mountaineering Camp for Denali
Post by: regaz on Jan 25 2006, 02:17
Hi everyone,
I was speaking to a friend about going to Denali (possibly) this summer and he mentioned that it was highly recommended that we complete a 7-day mountaineering camp offered near Denali. I've never heard of this and was wondering if anybody is aware of a 7-day mountaineering camp in that location.
If it's available I'd be happy to attend but I don't know where to look.


Regaz :lol)
Title: Re: 7-day Mountaineering Camp for Denali
Post by: chernabog on Jan 27 2006, 10:26
You probably don't have to attend a prep school in AK to prepare for Denali. However, you should have the necessary skills to climb Denali down pat. There are other schools and locations to learn the skills for Denali. Most of the schools/classes range from 1 day to 12 days with 6 being average for a Denali prep. Most all of the authorized guide services offer a prep class as well. Contact them for info.

You have not mentioned your prior climbs. Denali would be a huge trip as the first one!!

Info for climbing Denali:

NPS authorized Denali guides:

AMS classes in AK:

Classes out of AK:

Title: Re: 7-day Mountaineering Camp for Denali
Post by: MikeW on Feb 2 2006, 21:22
Alpine Ascents International out of Seattle offers 6 day and 13 day mountaineering courses and an 8 day Denali prep course. They are really a professionnal company with excellent guides. I just came back from Vinson in Antarctica with AAI.

They also guide on Denali.

I know Mountain Madness also has mountaineering courses. They are also based in Seattle.