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Title: The start of a goal
Post by: Leroux on Feb 10 2006, 09:10
I live in southern California and am starting my long road of hitting as many big summits as I can.  I am 28 and ready for the challenge.  My first major goal is the big "A" in 2008. Between now and than I will due 2 summits on Mt Whitney here in California (14320' I think)(1 day summits) each year, as well as a Shasta or Rainer sumit in there also.  I hope this along with weekend local hikes and other conditioning will make me a better mountaineeror(if thats a word) and better prepared for my long term goals. 
If anyone has any words of wisdom, training ideas, of anything please reply.
also, hiking Mt Whitney in a 24 hour day, is a great mental and physical challenge. Try it