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Title: For Sale
Post by: Ron on Feb 28 2006, 00:59
Special expedition Bod harness that fits over Himalayan suit and other down clothing. used on everest. new price 43 euro. price now  30 euro.

(http://members.home.nl/rondoorakkers/BD alpine bot.JPG)

The North face Himalayan expedition suit. Size L.
Highest down quality, Dryloft outer, alu sheeted inner. Minor damage due to a fall but very well repared. Used on everest for 5 days above 7000m. New price is 1000 Euro..Price now 500 euro.

(http://members.home.nl/rondoorakkers/Himalayan suit.JPG)

The warmest mittens on earth made by RAB. Used once (1 day above 7800meters) Like new. New price is 180 euro. Price now 100 euro.

(http://members.home.nl/rondoorakkers/RAB exp mitt.JPG)(http://)
Title: Re: For Sale
Post by: 7summits on Feb 28 2006, 01:02
Ron! Welcome back  8)
Does this mean you will not be going back to 8000+?  :'(

What is the maximum height for a climber to fit in the L suit?
Title: Re: For Sale
Post by: Ron on Feb 28 2006, 01:05
Well i still have the 8000+ m itch but with my gf and all and all other new challanges in life i won't be going back to the himalaya's.....it hurts but choices choices ya know.

My size is 185 cm and i fit very well in the suit. So i would say max. 190cm i guess