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Title: Training for Kili
Post by: earth-walker on Mar 8 2006, 09:38
Hey everyone - what's a good training regimen for Kili, assuming that I have NO access to mini-mountains (in Chicago).  I figure that a stairmaster is the best machine to train with.  Has anyone done this?  If so:

How many kgs/lbs. should I carry?
How fast should I climb (steps/minute)?
How long should I go?

I've just started training with 48 lbs., going 3 miles, 45 steps/min, 160 floors, in 1 hour on the Stairmaster.  It's a good workout, I rate it about a 6 out of 10 in terms of strenousness.  I was planning on adding weight gradually until I hit 60 lbs. and going 4 miles in 1 hour.
Title: Re: Training for Kili
Post by: 7summits on Mar 8 2006, 16:30
Hi WalkTheEarth  8)

Steps is nice, but do not overdo it. Time spent training is more important than intensity. If you can train on a walking machine that can change its inclination, try to hike uphill in a slow pace for at least one hour straight, with a 10-15 kg pack.

Also go outside, walk as much as possible anywhere. try to have a pack on you all the time and take longer walks (4+ hours) whenever you can.

Also do not forget to live healthily. I assume you do not smoke, if you do quit it!  :()
If you are not a vegetarian, do not eat much red meat, but choose fish whenever possible. No butter but olive oil. No coke but mineral water. You will get my drift  8)

And start reading books and sites about Africa to get you in the mood for this wonderful continent!
Have fun preparing.