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Title: Is there hope???
Post by: Marry on Mar 14 2006, 17:19
I have bought new shoes for my trip to kili in september. I thought they fit fine in the shop, but after 3 months, they still hurt my feet. I don't have blisters, but the joint in my feet and my big toes still hurt after only 1 hour of walking.
I this because my shoes are too tight or do I have to break them in even better?

Title: Re: Is there hope???
Post by: 7summits on Mar 14 2006, 17:24
Hi Marry,

if you have hiked plenty and they still hurt, I would get another pair. Most current shoes break in within weeks.

Try to go to a large outdoor store, try them on and then walk in the store for as long as you can while checking out gear, reading books etc.

Then wear them at home at least one full evening, as long as you do not wear them outside they should be able to be returned if needed.

Good luck.

Title: Re: Is there hope???
Post by: Mountain John on Mar 15 2006, 15:27

definitely get new boots. it is not worth it, to have bad fitting ones.

when i bought my boots for Kilimanjaro, they fit comfortable right there in the store, like i was wearing tennis shoes.  I tried on just 4 pairs, 2 different sizes and 2 types.

they are still just as comfortable.  i have now used these for Aconcagua and Everest (low elevations) too.

I bought Zamberlan, but you should buy whatever fits your foot.

Mountain John
Title: Re: Is there hope???
Post by: m.c. reinhardt on Mar 15 2006, 23:41
Hi Marry

There is always hope.  ;)  The above advice is excellent.  You will absolutely need to get a new pair of hiking shoes/boots (if you haven’t already).

I worked in the sporting good industry for many years specializing in skiing and mountaineering.  One thought might be to go to the original shop where you purchased the shoes and let them know of your situation.  If one of the sales people helped you with the fitting of these shoes, that are hurting your feet, the shop may exchange the shoes for a pair that fits you properly.  Even if a sales person did not help you, the shop might still do an exchange.  It never hurts to ask, especially if you have a “good” attitude.  In my experience (in the sporting good industry), we always strived for a “happy” customer.  ;D  Good luck!

I'm not sure if retail exchanges are made in the Netherlands as easily as they are in the USA.   ???