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Title: Old Sleeping Bag
Post by: kootenay on Apr 15 2006, 01:06
I have an old 'Caravan Navarac' sleeping bag from Sweeden. I bought it in about 1983. I think it is a 3/4 season bag but can find no data on it. Does anyone recognize the brand 'Caravan' and could tell me something about the bag.
Also what rating is it still likely to have after all these years. It hasn't been used heavily and has been stored loose in a closet.
Title: Re: Old Sleeping Bag
Post by: ruud on May 25 2006, 01:29
I know the brand, though not the model. In 1982 i bought a Caravan double-bag, 4 seasons (-30 C), which can be zipped together to be used as an 2 persons sommer sleeping bag.
The bag has been uses rather much and part of the down went out through the stitches. Because it is an stitched through model it could not be refilled.
Asked a good outdoorshop, they know about amount of down, temperature rating and also if you can refill the bag.
I still use my bag every suommer 25 years on a row and last year in winter (-15C)