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Title: Well never have I.......
Post by: smrtnupp on Jun 3 2006, 09:55
felt so big. ;-) I am 5 ft 0 130 lbs... my horse stands 5 ft 5 inches at the withers and almost 8 feet tall when his head is held high (Saddlebred) The little gelding he lives with charged at my horse who was standing about 25 feet to my left. Next thing I know, my horse runs directly behind me his face looking at my back, now I am between the charging gelding and my big chicken chit, of course I had to wave my arms to make sure I didn't get it from the charging brat ...... and do you think my boy would leave the safety of being between me and his enemy... not a chance. Ohh by the way this little episode was over a girl horse lol.

Horses really must think we humans are bigger than them.... geeesh... only wished I had a camera for this one!!!!