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Title: Elbrus clothing
Post by: 617 on Jul 24 2006, 18:17
Will a normal combination of "thermal long underwear, Mammut Schoeller mountain trousers and knee high Mountain Hardwear gaters" do the trick to stay warm on Elbrus? Or is an additional outershell pants still needed? I'd hate to drag along the extra weight and also hate the sweating inside such pants.

After all, if the MrHanky hits the fan on Elbrus, it's a "quick" sprint down right? :lol)

Title: Re: Elbrus clothing
Post by: Nudge on Jul 29 2006, 18:07
When i ciimbed Elbrus it was (after the sun came up) warm and really quite nice. But it could change quickly so I would NEVER even think about going up a mountain such as Elebrus with a full set of gortex shells, both legs and top. Just my view.