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Title: Looking for partner/s to climb the Umbwe route - Mid-September 2006
Post by: wanjiru on Aug 7 2006, 19:13
As I am a single climber, I am looking for a partner or would like to join a group to climb Kili in Mid/End September 2006.

I am particluarly interested in climbing the Machame or Umbwe Route / via Barafu ascent - 6 days max. I will be visiting friends in Kenya from 16 Sept. to 2 Oct. 2006 and could come to Moshi at any time within this period (preferably at the beginning ~ 20 Sept. to be sure). I would be flexible on the starting date and willing to join and adapt to the schedule of a group.

I consider myself to be a budget traveller and I am looking for a basic service
that should still be safe. I have previous experience with climbing Mt. Kenya (1998). I would also consider myself physically fit as I do regular jogging (semi-marathon Paris March 2006 and Auray in September 2006). I am 28.