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Title: Russell Brice Expedition
Post by: Mountain John on Aug 9 2006, 04:18
The 2006 Russell Brice Expedition was filmed for Discovery Channel.  Harry, I'm sure you were aware?...if they all had helmet cams.

This 6 part series starts November 14, 2006


-- Network to Premiere Six-Part Adventure Series Covering 2006 Expedition This Fall--

(Pasadena, Calif.) - The Discovery Channel documents the exhilarating and dangerous climb of 11 determined adventurers in EVEREST: PUSHING THE LIMIT.  In May 2006, a diverse group of climbers attempted to ascend five miles above sea level to the summit of Mt. Everest and Discovery Channel's 15-member production crew followed every grueling step, capturing the experiences and motivation driving these climbers to the summit and the science of what it physically takes to get to the top.  The six-part series premieres on Tuesday, November 14 at 10 PM ET/PT. Subsequent episodes will air Tuesday nights at 10 PM ET/PT.

Cameras mounted on sherpas and high-altitude videographers will put viewers alongside an international team on Mt. Everest, where the thrilling rush of adrenaline and burning desire for accomplishment clash with the icy dangers found around every snow-packed corner. The world's most formidable peak has long been considered the pinnacle of achievement for these climbers, who have left family, friends and the warmth of home to risk injury or even death on the way to fulfilling their dreams at the summit.

"This trek will have viewers feeling the chill of the experience from their living room," said Jane Root, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, Military Channel and Discovery Times Channel, U.S. "Straight from the perspective of the climbers and their guides, the science behind what it takes and the knowledge of what inspires such daring adventurers will be revealed in raw detail."

This dramatic human adventure series follows a team that includes: an ER doctor from Oregon, a fireman from Los Angeles, a New Zealander who lost both his legs to frostbite while climbing Mount Cook 20 years ago, a Frenchman who has just had a kidney removed and an asthmatic from Denmark who aims to reach the top without the use of oxygen.

The series shows how, guided by Russell Brice, an experienced and hard-as-nails New Zealander with 18 seasons on the mountain behind him, the team endures weeks of acclimation necessary to begin the ascent - plenty of time to ponder the fact that as many as one in ten climbers who attempt the summit never returns.  Who among the team will make the summit? What dramas are to unfold during such a treacherous climb? And what innovations will assist climbers in reaching the peak?  EVEREST: PUSHING THE LIMIT provides a rare, first-person account of the planet's toughest climb.

EVEREST: PUSHING THE LIMIT is produced for Discovery Channel by Tigress Productions. Dick Colthurst is the Executive Producer for Tigress.  Tomi Landis is the Executive Producer for Discovery Channel.
Title: Re: Russell Brice Expedition
Post by: Mountain John on Aug 9 2006, 04:48
By the way, thanks to Dale, my new friend that went to one of my Sacramento area REI presentations last month, for sending me this announcement.

Harry, you will be adding Dale to the 7summits list, hopefully this November, as he has 6 down, and 1 to go  (just the easy one - Kosci).

Mountain John