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Title: Self adjusting Isolation Jacket
Post by: MvdB on Sep 30 2006, 12:50
Me and 2 school friends(working on several company related projects) are currently having an idea/setup for a jacket which has a self adjusting isolation skill.

I can explain how it works later on, but for now my main question is:
If there would come a Lightweight selfadjusting Isolation Jacket/coat, would that be of any benefit to you guys, or would most people just go with the "old" stuff and have no intrest in this?

The global idea behind the jacket/coat is that it adjusts its Isolation skills to his surrounding temperature compared to the wearers body temperature. This can be done without any mechanical or electronic devices. For this purpose we( would use the so called Functional Polymers.

I am asking this here, so we know if it has actually any benefit to develop it, while if there is like no intrest in it, we would drop it (for now).
Title: Re: Self adjusting Isolation Jacket
Post by: 7summits on Oct 1 2006, 18:17
hi there, it is impossible to say if this is useful without knowing the product specifiations, especially weight & functionality but also price.
I think it has been tried or announced before, but no real success as far as I know. BUt progress is always good and needed, a good marketeer sells stuff we do not know yet we need :)
Title: Re: Self adjusting Isolation Jacket
Post by: MvdB on Oct 2 2006, 02:29
Its kinda Impossible to give specifications right now, sadly enough. Its based on Functional Polymers, which is yet a new technology currently only being used in new research projects. So I can simulate effectiveness, weight, funcionality and all.

but lets turn it around. from which point on would it become intresting? what price, what weight, what should it be capable to endure, are different scales of isolation wanted? etc.
Title: Re: Self adjusting Isolation Jacket
Post by: Mountain John on Oct 5 2006, 04:47
to answer your questions:  better, better, better, and better.

and even more so, I would not take it on a 7summit until it was proven.  maybe get a name for yourself on a lower level first, and prove you make quality products.

Title: Re: Self adjusting Isolation Jacket
Post by: MvdB on Oct 8 2006, 23:55
MJ: If I develop this coat/jacket... I am most likely going to sell the idea.
why? Because I have no real ambitions in the area of clothing development. maybe later on I will still get involved with it, but then its via smart materials, Nano or micro Mechanics(NEMS and MEMS)...

After Christmas I have some time again to start up a new project... till then I am working on other projects. But when it starts, and if it works I'll keep you guys posted i guess.
Title: Re: Self adjusting Isolation Jacket
Post by: climbhigh on Oct 14 2006, 19:59
Asking people in this forum here is not interesting for you, simply because the market is not big enough. Whatever you got in mind, it's only commercially interesting when you produce about a couple thousand pcs a year.

Ask skiers, snowscooterists, polar workers  etc. and go talk to some big clothing brands.
But first: produce some and try them !!!

Off course your idea sounds good but...... when it really comes to a product you can have it tried/used.

Beware when talking to big brands, you sounds like an amateur..!!
Good luck
Title: Re: Self adjusting Isolation Jacket
Post by: MvdB on Oct 16 2006, 19:45
I am an amateur and fully aware of that. When we have it fully designed, its testing, and then see if any big brands are intrested in it, and simply sell the idea.

thanks anyways for the feedback/comments :)
Title: Re: Self adjusting Isolation Jacket
Post by: MvdB on Nov 14 2006, 03:43
hmm right, slightly embarrassing ... the idea behind the coat of self adjusting isolation... does work, that is not the problem... only thing I didn't think of till now is that during the self-adjusting moments the shape of the coat would change. And with that I mean: it would become shorter... and if you want enough isolation, it would almost half its length. And thats something you dun wanna, neh? ;)

ahwell, back to my other projects I guess