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Title: Boots
Post by: Leafy on Oct 25 2006, 17:09

Can I use these boots for climbing Aconcagua???

SM Expert (B3) Salomon

Title: Re: Boots
Post by: 7summits on Oct 25 2006, 22:30
Hi Leafy,

have not tested them myself, but noticed some reviews  here (http://www.trailspace.com/gear/salomon/sm-expert/).

They seem to be on the edge warmth wise, so you must decide for yourself if you have warmer or colder than average feet. Note that you will not walk fast on summitday, so your feet need to be warm 'from the inside'..


Title: Re: Boots
Post by: mcraig on Nov 4 2006, 00:18
I've just got hold of some Asolo AFS supersoft plastic boots. Will these be ok for Ac in December?
Also, as I'm travelling around SA I want to hire as much kit in Mendoza as possible. Is this do-able? I've seen a few shops on the net..
Title: Re: Boots
Post by: Nudge on Jan 4 2007, 04:13
Sorry for not repling earlier but this may be of some use to someone.

My feet were a bit cold on the summit day on Ac and I wore scapa vegas with a berghaus gatter stuck on. Also if your going with an organised group you MAY find they want you to wear plastic double boots. There is also rumours that the rangers check taht you have plastics but the only thing THEY checked was my blood presure. Which was 145/90 at 4200m (camp argentina) and was enough for them to stop me climbing that day. any way thats another story. We actually summited around the 12th of January 2006 by way of the Polsh traverse, dirty hole of a bloody mountain I was so happy to summit, not just to top out but so as I NEVER had to go back.