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Title: Glacier Glasses
Post by: jedi-knight on Dec 9 2006, 23:26
hi folks,

i'm thinking of getting a pair of glacier glasses. i've seen two models that i like.

Julbo Advance Sunglasses

Julbo Artic Sunglasses

personally, i think the Artic one is better, and surprisingly cheaper than the Advance ones. any comments, inputs and suggestions?

Title: Re: Glacier Glasses
Post by: MvdB on Dec 10 2006, 23:11
well, I am not that experienced on sunglasses, But...

first of all: Make sure they fit well, and with fitting well I mean: make sure there is no light slipping behind the glasses, so check at all sides(up down, left right etc) when you're wearing them if there is no light sneaking in.

the nice thing of the advance Julbo's is that they allow more normal light to pass throught, while the arctic block almost ALL normal light aswell as UV.

GL with choosing and fitting