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Title: GPS: Any suggestions?
Post by: jedi-knight on Dec 13 2006, 19:00
does anyone have any suggestions on a reliable GPS? feel free to share your experience in using one.
i am looking for one and only have a few requirements for it:

- it has to work well even in cold temperatures
- it can work in canyons as well as high altitudes
- it can work anywhere in the world....mainly the 7summits and other major mountains.
- maps are optional

as long as i can key in the coordinates of the waypoints, i will be more than happy. the main objective is not to get lost on a mountain or unfamiliar terrain.

any other things that i should look out for?

Title: Re: GPS: Any suggestions?
Post by: Mike1 on Jun 1 2009, 20:59
Since it's an old thread and nobody has answered, I'm using the Garmin Colorado 400t.  It took quite a few knocks & beatings (even dipped in the water a few times) and it still works.  Didn't go for the Oregon 400t because of the touchscreen (just idiotproofing myself while working with thin air) IMO the Colorado 400t has the same SIRF chip that the 60csx has and it is also better than the Oregon 400t, but the Oregon 400t has more features.