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Title: Need sponsor
Post by: alpinist on Feb 9 2007, 14:46
Hello all
I, m Pakistani climber looking sponsor for Makalu spring 2007.i, m qualified technical on the alpine route; Iím the first Pakistani to attempt this mountain. Since 98 I did climb 8000m peaks in Pakistan and Nepal. Some of my successful climbing is blow

1999 Broad peak      (8047m)
2000 G-2                  (8035m)
2001 Nanga Parbat    (8125m)
2002 Manslu            (8163m) 7600m
2004 G-1 (Hidden peak) (8068m)
2006 K2             (8611m) 7700m first local expedition in the history of Pakistan
  Looking forward to your help, mail me info@shamsalpine.com
Title: Re: Need sponsor
Post by: 7summits on Feb 15 2007, 19:12
The CV is impressive. Did you summit all?
Good luck with the sponsor hunt, but you might want to tell them what you will offer in return.

ps: you climbed K2 without crampons?
Title: Re: Need sponsor
Post by: smrtnupp on Feb 19 2007, 09:19
Hummm Harry,  Here is his site


He runs a Mounteering Trekking Company!!!

Title: Re: Need sponsor
Post by: alpinist on Feb 19 2007, 12:32
Hi Harry
Except k2 i climbed 4,8000m in pakistan.G-2 (8035m)twice all without oxygen.my goal to reach all 14,8000m,but its diffecult to self finance,becuase mountaineering is expensive sports,but i must success my dream with the help of you,i,m only the pakistani to want to summit all 14,