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Title: kokoda track v seven summits
Post by: jimfraser on Feb 18 2007, 10:19
I am about to try my attempt on the 7 summits. Starting with Elbrus and Kili this year. I did the Kokoda track last year and was wondering if anyone else has done Kokoda and how it compares physically to Elbrus,Kili or any of the others.
Title: Re: kokoda track v seven summits
Post by: Roger on Feb 18 2007, 10:52
Hi Jim

Well all the best for the 7 summits. Several questions, did you do Kokoda in the dry or wet, how many days did you take to do it, how fit and how old are you?

You will find Kili a walk in the park compared with Kokoda in terms of the walk especially going via the Shira Plateau route. Do Mt Meru first as a warm up.

It is the altitude on Kili and other mountains that will slow you down. if you have fitness, atitude and the mental ability you will be well placed on the other mountains.

BTW is you are going to Kili, fly Air Mauritius and go via Mauritius then onto Nairobi then Riverside Shuttle via Namangar border and onto Arusha or Moshi for your base. Air Mauritius has cheap flights from time to time to Nairobi and best to fly out of peak season and book well in advance.


Roger in Sydney
Title: Re: kokoda track v seven summits
Post by: jimfraser on Feb 26 2007, 13:23
Thanks for the info Roger.
I turn 50 this year. We did Kokoda over 7 days with a half day on either end. It only rained on 2 days but that track never dries out as far as I know. It was still plenty slippery and the best thing I have ever done. I will admit I was happy to get too the end of it but feel I had a bit in reserve if it was needed.
I plan on being fitter for the 7 summits and understand that the real teat is the altitude. To give an idea of my fitness level on Kokoda I could go uphill for about 45 min before taking a 1 or 2 min breather. We did the trip in 45 hours hiking time which our guide said was fairly fast. Not that anyone was going fast as you would know.
I am doing Elbrus first and not sure what to expect but that is the great thing about this.
Have you done Elbrus and apart from altitude how does it compare
Regards    Jim